Thriving In Life By Following The Blueprint On Mental Toughness, Performance, And Physical Success

Episode summary: Sylvester Jenkins III had a pretty rough upbringing. His mother was a teen mom and became a high school dropout. She worked 12 hours a day just to make ends meet, but that left Sylvester alone. He fell into gangs and drugs, but still wanted to graduate because he didn’t want to have the same struggles his mother had.

After school, Sylvester joined the army, got married, and had a child. While deployed, he was going through a divorce, but Sylvester bottled everything up, so he was combatting in war and was combatting his relationship. He came home to nothing; lost the house, his bank account was empty, and he had no car.

He was ready to end it all. It was his child who saved his life. He does not want his child to grow up the same way he did… without a father. So, he had to start looking inward for that interior warrior. Shifting his mindset, he now has the goal and purpose of helping others.

Guest Name & Bio: Sylvester Jenkins III is a retired Army First Sergeant with 21 years of dedicated service. After his transition, he became an author and professional speaker that redirected his life’s mission to serve the next generation.

He shares his universal blueprint for mental toughness, performance, and physical success. Enabling others to not just overcome adversity and survive, but thrive.