Adopting the Possibility Paradigm for Rapid Manifestation

“You can’t rapidly manifest the thing that you really desire if you don’t believe it’s possible for you.”

In this episode, we’re talking about adopting the Possibility Paradigm™ for rapid manifestation. As humans, we all come into this life with the baseline human paradigm, which serves as our model for what we believe to be true about ourselves, others, and the world. This paradigm is natural based on how we’re wired, but it’s profoundly limiting when it comes to living life fully expressed and creating the big impossible desires we hold in our hearts. We have to learn to step into an entirely new worldview and way of engaging with life, and I’ll be sharing all the pillars of this new paradigm with you today.

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What to listen for:

  • Your present paradigm and how it influences you
  • What quantum leaps really are and how they work
  • Listen to our episode on creating a specific kind of context
  • Interpretation is a big piece of the baseline human paradigm
  • Developing our winning strategy and limiting beliefs
  • The past is wholly irrelevant to what’s possible going forward

You’re not operating from a Possibility Paradigm if your beliefs are anchored in the past, are limiting by nature, and influence you then to behave in your winning strategy to create what you believe is possible based on this belief system that’s outdated. That’s actually irrelevant to who you are now and what you’re capable of creating.”

  • Life does not turn out the way it “should,” and that’s okay
  • Systems shape our beliefs and what we believe is possible
  • Addressing the fears that influence our paradigm

“Fear is a big driver. Fear is a big aspect, and not understanding our fear makes it hard to see that baseline human paradigm at play and how it keeps us limited.”

  • Stepping into the Possibility Paradigm™
  • Don’t let the past influence your future or intentions
  • Stop assigning meaning to everything that happens
  • Tuning into and processing the raw emotions in your body
  • Becoming a clearing for what you want to move toward you
  • Repatterning your outdated belief system
  • Healing complex anxiety, past experiences, and double binds

“You can’t have the thing that you really desire if you don’t believe it’s possible for you. If you don’t believe it’s safe. What beliefs give you a double bind? Meaning consciously, you want something, but unconsciously you don’t believe it’s possible. You believe it’s wrong or bad; it’s not safe.

  • Why mantras don’t work when making the impossible possible
  • Taking back your authority around what’s possible for you
  • Accepting that life is meaningless as a gift to play full out

“It’s about coming from a blank slate. If life is meaningless and life turns out the way it does—not the way that I think it should for it to be worth living, worthwhile, worth remembering—there’s a freedom that comes with that. That means I get to decide what’s meaningful for me and what’s worth organizing my life, my time, my energy around.

  • Fear and faith are the same things, so energize faith
  • Getting on the frequency of faith to manifest your desires
  • What it takes to shift into the Possibility Paradigm