The Balance Between Trusting the Timing and Accelerating the Process

“Everything has a gestation period, and that’s not up to us.”

In this episode, I’m talking about the difference between trusting the timing of things and working to accelerate the process of bringing your desires into reality. The truth is, they go hand in hand. We must take continuous aligned actions towards what we want, setting time frames that force us to organize ourselves and our way of being different—and we must understand that everything has a gestation period that’s out of our control. It’s a beautiful balance to understand that everything happens in its right time while prioritizing doing everything we can to clear the path for what we desire to start moving toward us more quickly.

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What to listen for:

  • Manifestation means bringing things into form
  • Everything has a gestation period that’s not for us to decide
  • Shifting the odds in our favor through aligned action
  • Why it’s essential to set impossible timelines

“Our timelines that we set for making the impossible inevitable are arbitrary, but they are important. They allow us to organize ourselves in such a way that we can move differently. We can engage with life differently. We can be different. And as we do that, we immediately shift the odds in our favor; we collapse the timeline from where we are to where we want to be because we align with who we need to be to have what we want.

  • Being decided and cutting off other possibilities
  • Long runways cause us to move slowly and unintentionally
  • Releasing interpretations so your stories don’t slow you down
  • Everything in its right time, and are you taking aligned actions?
  • My process of finding the right camper and partner

I had decided. I had cut off all other possibilities of ways of being in the world. I would be all of me, unapologetically. Anyone who could not handle that could see themselves out, reject me, try to make me wrong, whatever it might be. I had to make that decision. It took the time that it took. It took the work that it took.”

“Everything in its right time. And are you organizing yourself around it in such a way that you are constantly taking aligned actions, that you are holding that way of being, the energetics necessary for aligning with it? Sometimes it takes longer than we think it should. There is a gestation period. There are things that we need to go through. So when it comes to everything in its right time versus accelerating the process, they go hand in hand.

  • The seed of our purpose is hard-coded into us
  • Navigating continuous evolution and The Law of More Life
  • We can always take aligned action to some degree
  • Organizing yourself with intentional commitment