The Simple Question You Need to Ask to Open Yourself to Possibilities

“The importance for us in those moments is to hold the truth that it’s not impossible.”

In this episode, I’m sharing a critical question to ask yourself: is what I desire really impossible, or have I just not figured it out yet? Let me be clear, this is not a rah-rah pep talk or an invalidation of your actual, challenging circumstances; it’s about holding your energy in a state of open receptivity regardless of what’s standing in your way. When we declare something as impossible, we’re the ones who make it so because we’ve cut it off and put up a rigid wall. What we want to do instead is stay plugged into possibility while acknowledging what’s in our way and how we feel about it. This allows us to remain open to new pathways that we may not have seen or were previously unavailable to us. Certain circumstances are more complex than others, to be sure, and the truth is, most of those situations don’t inherently mean something is out of reach. So, how can you hold your vision with the frequency of openness?

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What to listen for:

  • Be sure to listen to our last episode with Vincent Kabaso
  • Real impossibilities vs. perceived impossibilities
  • Circumstances and obstacles are different than impossibilities
  • This is not about bypassing your reality
  • How we orient to and speak about our goals matters

“When we hold the energy behind the statement and the belief that it’s impossible, we orient differently. It’s off the table. I don’t try anymore, especially if I’ve done everything else in the past and I’m still in this situation. It’s impossible. It is important for us in those moments to hold the truth that it’s not impossible. We just haven’t found a way forward. We just haven’t figured out how to do it. We just don’t know what we could do differently.

  • Using words differently to expand our experience
  • This work is about energetics and embodiment
  • Don’t focus on mantras your subconscious won’t believe
  • Just because it hasn’t been done doesn’t mean it can’t be
  • The energy of “it’s impossible” is a wall

“All of this becomes accessible when we are open and receptive to it. When we hold what is hard and difficult and seemingly impossible as ‘I have not figured it out yet. I just don’t know how to do it yet.'”

  • Processing and working with your emotions
  • Staying open doesn’t always mean things will happen quickly
  • Discerning what’s right and wrong for you
  • The truth is, it’s not impossible just because it’s hard