Cultivating Self Control: A Beautiful Journey Of Mindfulness And Discipline

“You can either take that emotion that wells up and put it into a box and push it away, or you can take that emotion and do something with it. And that’s where self-control comes into play.”

Episode summary:

In this episode, I talk about cultivating your self-control and what your mindset has to do with that. And there’s just no other way around it. You have to be able to actually think through what’s going on, but you have to also couple it with what you’re feeling in a moment.

What to listen for:

  • How do we be in control in each moment, moment by moment
  • What Self-Control actually is and how it affects us more than we think it does
  • What control looks like for each of us and how we each handle it differently
  • What system I’ve created that works for me and how I still work on it each and every day

“What is self-control?”

  • I define self-control and what its goal is for us
  • How self-control works with our impulses, emotions, and behaviors
  • Sometimes, we need to be put in a tough situation in order to stretch ourselves and test our self-control
  • What we learned with self-control at an early age, for some of us we were burned by the learning experience

“You really gotta think, is it worth any of the stuff that would come along with it? Would you feel better? Even if you think you may, I guarantee that you wouldn’t.”

  • We don’t always need world-shattering situations to use our self-control; we can see it tested in everyday situations
  • When we take a beat and tap into our power, we can make a decision that is right for us and others
  • Without constantly stalling or slowing yourself down, there is power in being able to consider the consequences in any situation

“Learn from it, grow from it, and just start over again. And start it from that moment. It starts day one all over again.”

  • How we can and must show ourselves grace when we mess up or fall on our face
  • I relate self-control to managing ourselves and using addictions as a source for a self-control workout
  • Self-control, like self-mastery, is not a destination but a journey 


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