How To Embrace Our Feelings And Not Shove Them Deep Inside

“When we embrace those feelings, we can then start to move through them instead of just taking those feelings and boxing them away for good.”

Episode summary:

In this episode, I get into the emotions that we go through and how sometimes we can stop them from actually coming out into the world. Sometimes, it’s a good thing to do; sometimes, it’s really not. And really, when we embrace our feelings and we don’t shove them deep inside of us, we can actually do something with them.

What to listen for:

  • The protocol I’ve figured out that works best for me to embrace my feelings and use them instead of being used by them
  • How our emotions are actually positive, not negative
  • Ways we can best interact with our emotions and how to embrace them
  • How to interact with your emotions in a split second

“There have even been certain times where I thought, I don’t know if I can actually control my emotions. I don’t know if I can do anything with them. They’re just gonna do something with me, and I don’t wanna go for that ride.”

  • A lot of us struggle with handling our emotions, let alone embracing them 
  • The crazy-making thoughts of not knowing what will happen if my emotions take over
  • I challenge you to recall a time of growth and realization of your growth and what we can learn from those experiences.

“For most of us that have a hard time just moving along without actually doing something with the emotion or with the feeling that is controlled, then that’s where we need to actually spend our time.”

  • In most situations, the hardest step is the first one, I share how you can easily take that step
  • It can be easy to push or hide our emotions, and it’s literally in that decisive moment we can grow 
  • Challenging ourselves to embrace what we’re feeling and thinking and how to do this in tiny moments
  • What “muscle” is used and how to grow it in simple ways for maximum growth

“You have two options when the emotion starts to well up. I put it in a box and push it away or do something with it.”

  • When presented with an emotional situation, we have two options in that moment
  • How we can take a quick breath in a moment and process through our emotions in real time
  • When we realize the options we have, we can consciously make a decision


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