It’s Time We Start Talking About Our Mental Health

“No matter what you’re going through, no matter where you’ve been at in life, no matter what situations happen to you, for you, around you, through you, etc., how we handle our mental health can really affect everything else that we go through.”

Episode summary:

In this episode of The Mindset & Self-Mastery show I’m talking about how imperative it is for us to actually start talking about our mental health. Not just with other people but first and foremost with ourselves. 

What to listen for:

  • How we can get lost in our own head
  • How managing our mental health isn’t just a bunch of buzzwords but an integral part of our healthy way of being
  • Ways I manage, and continue to work on managing my mental health
  • Intriguing questions to help prompt you in the healthy right direction

“I’ve spent a lot of time just living in my head. Can you relate? Can you feel what that feels like to just live in your head and to worry?”

  • Getting lost in our head can be helpful at times but we often don’t let ourselves get in deep to understand ourselves
  • Understanding that we’re all going through some sort of mental health, either crisis or turmoil, most of the time
  • And understanding the reasons why we go through these tough or trying mental health times

“Everybody has some mental health situations, some things to go through. We have judgments we place on ourselves. We have situations that happen every single day where we interpret the ways that things are happening to us. We feel like our minds are attacking us or we think too much. We have anxiety that comes from things that maybe we really don’t need to have anxiety from, but we do.”

  • Showing grace to ourselves can be crucial in our healing
  • Knowing we’re not alone… but sometimes we really do need to be alone in our healing
  • Why it’s important to open up to others even when it’s difficult or feels like we’re exposing ourselves
  • How the act of speaking our truth about our mental health is sometimes more important than who we’re speaking it to. IF we can understand there may be some judgment

“It’s time that we actually start talking to ourselves about mental health. It’s time that we stop just accepting the noise of social media and actually having these conversations. In previous episodes, again, I’ve talked about how you can’t just manage your mindset. You have to understand the context and the traumas and the situations that have happened to lead you to be who you are today.“

  • It’s more important than ever for us to share what we’re going through. Too many people are suffering in silence
  • How it’s not just about “managing your mindset” but it’s about understanding the context and pieces that play a role in how we do so
  • Learn about the components of a healthy mindset and what can positively and negatively affect us


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